Our Drywall Textures

Giving Your Drywall A Unique Appearance

Leyva Drywall & Insulation, LLC can add character to your home with unique & custom drywall textures. Our skilled team has years of experience, texturing drywall in many ways to enhance your walls’ appearance.

We offer many of the common textures and even some of our very own so your home can stand out from the crowd.

A lot of time is spent picking out tile, flooring, and paint colors, but ceiling finishes rarely get the consideration they deserve. After all, the ceiling is one of the largest continuous surfaces in a home. Consider our custom Strawberry Patch or Knockdown texture as an alternative to Crows Foot.

More Than 10 Different Textures

You can find many common textures such as Scratch Trowel, Orange Peel, Sanded Starburst, Crows Foot, Victorian, and much more. We also offer our very own Strawberry Patch texture for an even more unique look.

Expert Installation

  • In business since 2000

  • Skilled Drywall Team

  • Industry standard equipment

  • Timely and clean installation

Refined Edging

When you have drywall installed, you can also rely on Leyva Drywall & Insulation, LLC fordetailed edging. All of our work is guaranteed to be free from workmanship defects for one year. Contact us today for afree quote.