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JM Spider® Plus Insulation - Superior Energy Efficiency

LEYVA DRYWALL & INSULATION is pleased to be the only insulation company in Sioux Falls offering JM Spider® Plus custom insulation

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JM Spider® Plus blow-in insulation, now featuring interlocking fiber technology, is the next evolution of the JM insulation family.


Interlocking fiber technology allows the fibers to spring and lock into cavities to fill all gaps and voids with no adhesive or netting. A simple installation that is typically faster than other spray systems with unprecedented drying times.


+ Features interlocking fiber technology

+ Re-engineered blow-in system and optimized insulation that expands into cavities

+ Fills all gaps and voids, forming an interlocking shield against the elements to achieve Grade 1 installation



+ No need for adhesive or netting

+ Formaldehyde-free™ and naturally mold-resistant clean-fiber insulation

+ Minimal dust and clean up at jobsite compared to other spray-in systems



+ Uses minimal water to install quickly, and dries fast for same-day drywall installation - saving time and money

+ Works well in all types of building cavities, filling interior and exterior walls, floors and cathedral ceilings more completely

+ No shrinking or settling, simply spray and shave for a full, quick cavity fill

Achieves R-15 in 2x4 and R-23 in 2x6 walls

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