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An Elegant And Attractive Finish

Give your home's drywall a more attractive appearance with our unique and detailed edging. Our skilled team focuses on delivering quality work and you will notice the attention to detail when looking at our custom edging.


Don't just have us install drywall; add another unique element to your home with our detailed edging.

Our Unique Edging

You can get a smooth look and feel with our Bullnose Corner Bead, or maintain sharp lines while softening the room with Chamfer Bead. We also offer our newest Step-A-Bull Bead to give a unique look to outside corners.

Skilled And Experienced Work

- In business since 2000

- Experienced team delivering quality work

- The best materials for a lasting product

- Guaranteed for up to one year

Skilled And Timely Drywall Installation

You can rely on Leyva Drywall & Insulation, LLC to quickly and effectively install your drywall. From homes to light commercial projects and more, we can install quality drywall products for a much-desired finished product.

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Bullnose Corner Bead


The Bullnose Corner Bead gives your corners a smoother look and feel. And our Bullnose Corner Bead is available at no additional charge.

Chamfer Bead


Tired of square corners but like straight, sharp lines? Then you'll love the look created by our Chamfer Bead. Chamfered edges help soften the room while maintaining the look of a crisp, square corner.


Step-A-Bull Corner Bead


Our newest Bullnose Bead, Step-A-Bull, creates a sharp, detailed edge perfect for adding a unique look to any outside corner.